Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Old Navy Weekly - Coupon Hunt

I get a lot of questions as to where and how I get the great Old Navy coupons that I like to gift to my family and friends. Pre-update, I'd like to give a summary of what happens and how you might be able to get your hands on one of these valued coupons.

How do I know when the Old Navy Weekly site will be updating soon?

A message will appear on the Old Navy weekly site stating that Old Navy is hiding coupons. You will not see any pictures to click. Once this message has appeared, the site updates anywhere from minutes to hours after. But the message at least means the update is getting closer.

You will know the site has updated with new coupons when the message is gone and new pictures appear on the site. Once the site has updated, there will be a message in the bottom left hand corner telling you when the coupon expire. If the dates listed are for the upcoming week, then you know the site has updated. If you don't see any dates listed, or if the dates have already passed, then the site has not updated.

When will the Old Navy Weekly site update this week?

It is not known. The time (and sometimes even day) vary each week. Generally, it is Thursday evening. But it has also been Thursday afternoon or even Friday morning. The site has also updated on Sunday in the past!

Recap of the latest update, which happened on Friday September 11th

$75 off $100 - take the chapstick off the rear end of the one picture at the top right and put it on the lips of the Item of the Week girl on the left hand side (GONE)

$50 off $100 – click the main model in the middle until she has on green shirt and skinny jeans (use the arrows) (GONE)

$10 off $50 – click the Item of the Week shirt

10% off item of the week (IOTW) – take lollipop from little kid dressed as lion’s basket and put it to the mouth of the IOTW model

15% off when you buy item of the week (IOTW) - sign up for text message updates

20% off women’s jeans – click on the women’s jeans until it comes up

Will more Old Navy coupons be released this week?

There were only 250 $75 off $100 coupons released and 1000 $50 off $100 coupons released in the Old Navy coupon reset this week. This is a
very low number of coupons compared to previous weeks.

When did the Old Navy Weekly site update?

The Old Navy Weekly site updated around 10:20 am - 10:30 am Eastern time on Friday, September 11th.

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