Thursday, September 17, 2009

Old Navy Update

Old Navy surprised us all by resetting pretty early tonight. I think it was about 5:40 or so when I noticed it went down and it came up somewhere in the neighborhood of 6:00. I was actually just about to close the window so I could post a sample freebie on here when I saw it was down.
So after my near miss, here is a recap. Some of the coupons are still available so head over to and check it out!

$75 off $100 - move lip gloss into the trick-or-treat bag - GONE

$50 off $100 - catch the bird flying behind the guy on the left - GONE

$10 off $50 - click the right arrow next to the girl with the scarf until she has a green shirt on, and click the right arrow next to her jeans once

20% off jeans - click the picture of just jeans 5 times

15% off entire purchase - take the little pumpkin sucker from the "tiger" kid and put it in the mouth of the guy to the far left.

1 comments on "Old Navy Update"

Diana said...

Way to go Melissa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!



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