Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Michigan Money Saving Mom

If you're curious about some things you see, I will give you a rundown of info about my blog.

The upper right of any post shows how many comments are left regarding that particular post. You can also click that to leave a comment. I like hearing from you about deals and specials, or just to let me know you've stopped by! Also, please leave a comment if you find that my link isn't working...this way I can fix as soon as I know. Typically I only click my links once to make sure they've worked. After that, I depend on my readers to let me know.

The upper left of the post, you'll notice a little envelope. Well this is a neat little tool that allows you to email a specific post to a friend, or possibly to yourself. Pretty cool, huh?

The search feature will search for content in this blog only. So if you had seen a post awhile back and you want the quick and easy way to locate it again, try out the search!

Happy Savings!!!

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